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Korean Language Program at Princeton

The Korean Language Program currently offers six levels of language study: Elementary (KOR101/102), Intermediate (KOR105/107), Advanced (301/302), Integrative Korean (KOR303/308), Contemporary Korean Language and Culture, 5th Year Korean (KOR401/402), and Readings in Modern Korean, 6th Year Korean (KOR405/407, EAS405/406). In addition, the Korean Language Program also offers Intensive Korean (KOR103/108) for heritage students who have already had considerable amount of exposure to the Korean language and culture but have not received any formal instruction before arriving at Princeton. With each conversation class limited to ten students, they have ample opportunity to use the language on a regular basis. As the semester progresses, students in the class develop a special sense of belonging to a community of learners who share the same goal of becoming proficient in the language. 

Although learning any Asian language requires significant commitment, most students find learning Korean highly enjoyable. Princeton's approach to Korean language study stresses intercultural communication skills that incorporate aspects of Korean culture while comparing it with cultures of other nations.

Please contact Dr. Ho Jung Choi ([email protected]) for any questions or further information.


Korean Language Lecturers 

Ho Jung Choi
Susie Kim
Sunyoung Lee
Namseok Yong
Yuseon Yun
Ho Jung Choi Susie Kim Sunyoung Lee Namseok Yong Yuseon Yun